Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gratitude Day #8 - My Five Senses - 8 November 2017

I am grateful for my five senses.

I believe they are God-given blessings to help me enjoy this world I live in.

I am grateful for my sight, for I have been able to seen some of the splendors of the earth. I have seen great vistas and tiny handwriting in historical documents. I have seen beauty, and I've seen those in pain.

I am grateful for my hearing. I learned this as I sat outside my babies' bedrooms listening to them breathe and snort. I have heard great symphonies and listened to guilt-ridden hearts. I have heard great teachings and sweet birds. I have heard grandchildren exclaim, "Grammy!!!"

I am grateful for my sense of touch. I have rubbed the back on one in tears, and had my own shoulders cradled. I have touched smooth little baby butts and kitties' fur. I have rubbed my hand over warm bread felt my bathwater sooth my aching feet after a day of speaking.

I am grateful for my sense of smell. The hills around me are filled with blossoms in the springtime, and wood smoke in the winter. I love autumn leaves burning. I love the smell of a good dinner cooking as I try to identify the ingredients. I LOVE a newborn baby's unique smell -- so fresh and clean. I love Mr. Kerry's scent after he takes a shower, for I could follow him through the house blindly. ( mom loved the same thing about my dad)

I love the sense of taste most of all! Yes, I have a food habit. I have had delicacies and good ol' southern cookin'. I have had bread in the shape of swans and biscuits in a cast iron skillet. I've had caviar, and I've had a chicken I butchered myself. I've traveled every state and many countries and tasted their delicacies. Each is unique, and so good!

I suppose some senses I could live without. But, I wouldn't want to. They have helped me to partake of the goodness of this earth in so many ways.

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