Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring back and forth!

It's pretty, then it's dreary, then it's pretty, then it's dreary, then it's....

You know how it is! We have nothing to complain about, for it has been beautiful with all of the blossoms coming out seemingly all at once. Now, it's a bit chilly. Just a bit...

Mr. Kerry and I have had quite a few adventures over the past few weeks - and they have all been good. Well, mostly.

I have had to have a lot of blood work done, and I guess I'm not done yet. I have extensive bruising on my forearms. They look similar to what an older person who is on coumadin gets - bright and dark red splotches. It is actually quite atrocious, and occurs when Mr. Eddie puts his paw on me (I have a cute little pawprint) and or even just putting on clothes. Two of my doctors are aggressively researching this, and have been in contact with labs and drug representatives concerning it.

I'll be fine.

We have spent a couple of days with Fern, and are planning on spending some more with her. It is quite overwhelming when she has to do some needed things alone. Mr. Kerry is tall and can reach things easily. Me - I just do what I'm told.

The temple is on hiatus right now for deep cleaning and repairs. This past Friday, Kerry and I seemed kind of lost, for we're not usually in town on Friday. We went to lunch with Dave and Waunita Wharton and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Later that evening, we served dinner to the missionaries here at the house. They LOVED all of our church books. We ended up giving them several. They will be put to good use.

I also began teaching genealogy classes in Bucyrus for the 16th year! They had a certain number that signed up, but ended up with twice as many walk-ins! It was standing-room only. I think they enjoyed it. I will finish up tomorrow night.

On one of the Saturdays, I planned on attending a program on the Civil War at OGS (Ohio Genealogical Society). That morning, friend Natalie called me in desperation. The speaker had the flu. Could I possibly...

Of course. Natalie has done so many things for me. How could I say no? I think they enjoyed that program, too.

Yesterday, I spent the day teaching at an all day conference in Piqua, OH. I didn't know too much about Piqua, but it is a charming town that was home of the Mills Brothers (a doo-wop group). The building I was in was breathtaking! It was a hotel that had been built in the 1890's that had fallen into disrepair. When they restored it, it went back to its original beauty. Part of it is now the public library and a conference center.
The beautiful Fort Piqua Public Library and Conference Center

Beautiful stained glass in the ballroom and the stairwells, where there is pure white marble steps.
The orchestra pit above the ballroom
Handpainted china from the 1920's

Kerry had a delightful time in the library while I taught.
In the evening, we turned into giddy grandparents. We drove a short distance to Jordan and Melissa's and spent a WONDERFUL time playing, tickling, laughing, playing hide and seek, getting my hair tousled, looking at their treasures, and eating at a Chinese buffet. We also visited with Jordan and Melissa, so they wouldn't feel left out. Those little people just melt my heart - I mean the grandboys.
Kerry and I meandered home from Fern's last week, taking in some of the beauty on the shores of Lake Erie. This is especially important as I am getting ready for my webinar in June.
Marblehead Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie