Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gratitude Day #23 - Thanksgiving - 23 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for this particular holiday -- Thanksgiving.

I do believe it is one holiday we can all come together on, and agree on. It doesn't matter what our religion is or even our non-religion, our circumstances, our wealth or non-wealth, our looks or non-looks are.

It is an opportunity to pause from our somewhat hectic lives, look at what we have, and pause to express gratitude.

In our home, we express that gratitude to our Heavenly Father, our God, on a daily basis. Sometimes it's hourly. It's not a once a year thing for us, for we feel we can look around at any given moment of the day and find something to be grateful for.

Even when we're low, and we have to look hard. It's there.

I appreciate the fact that you let me express that gratitude to Him without engaging in battles because of a difference of belief.

Now, that said, I think of those who are lonely, and wish that I had a house big enough to invite all of you into so that you would feel wanted and needed. I wish that I could have you smell the aromas of a home-cooked Thanksgiving, and that feeling you felt in my home would linger with you for awhile.

I think of those who may be far away from your family, dreaming of the family meal, the family arguments, the beautiful table setting, and the array of pies waiting to be sliced.

I of those those in my military family that are remembering the last Thanksgiving in their family, wishing they were there.

I think of the widows, the widowers, the divorced men and women that perhaps used to have family to celebrate with. I know how those memories of family must be difficult to recall.

I think of those who are single, who would give just about anything to have that spouse and those children sniffing their way through the house, waiting in anticipation for for the call to come to the table.

Holidays can be difficult to endure, and I am grateful I have had the opportunity to know you through FB, to hear of your joys, to be sad when you sorrow.

So, on this Thanksgiving evening, I want you to know my heart is full and it's rich. I want to let you know that there are indeed people thinking of you, for last evening I went through my FB friends list and looked at your photo and your name.

For at least a moment, someone was thinking of you.

Even if it was only me.

Yes, I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. Not just because of the food and the gatherings and the football.

But, because it makes me become a better person.

And, I need that.

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