Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gratitude Day #16 - Modern Technology -- 16 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for technology.

Sometimes I like to think about what my parents saw during their lifetime. They were both born during the days of mules and buckboards, yet lived to see men walk on the moon.

And then, I look at my own lifetime, only to see even more rapid advancements than they did!

It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was listening in on a party line, waiting for neighbors to finish so I could call my best friend Alice Graves.

It wasn't that long ago that my father, a wonderful amateur photographer, had my sisters stepping back a little bit further, a little bit further, right into a he could get a better shot, having no telephoto lens.

I thought only rich people had "car phones". They looked so important as they lugged an extra briefcase with them that housed their "car phone".

Our first VCR cost over $400! Again, I thought only rich people had those. We rented one off and on for $12/weekend until we could buy our own with a tax refund.

Now, I can talk to grandchildren, and see them while we're talking!

Now, I can immediately look at photos I have just taken! If it doesn't look right, I can take it again...all without having to wait to have it developed.

I can teach using LDS-produced videos made especially for that purpose. I can even make my own videos. I can make my own slides.

I can send an email in seconds, and include pictures!

I can research any subject without leaving my home.

I can look at old records that were written in the 1200's, and be taken back in history. I can also see scientists' studies about the future, and I am taken there, too.

I can teach a class that will be heard around the world in a closet in a hotel in Ontario, CA.

I can take 450 books with me when I travel.

I can see news as it is happening. I can mourn with those experiencing tragedies.

I can write a blog, and it will be there for my posterity to find...and, perhaps a relative, too!

I'm telling you...I can do almost anything!!!

Occasionally, I whine. Only occasionally. But, when I look at all of the modern devices that are here for me to enjoy, I hang my head in embarrassment, for I am living a better life than many kings and queens of this world have lived.

I can only imagine what is yet to come in my future.
Peggy speaking at OGS 2015 Conference

Peggy giving a webinar heard around the world...all from my living room.

Peggy using computer and PowerPoint technology.

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