Saturday, November 4, 2017

Gratitude Day #4 - Grandchildren - November 2017

Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t expand with any more love to give, along comes grandchildren!

They are perfect, as all grandchildren are.  They live as far apart in the continental United States as you can possibly get, which is one of the reasons I’m always on the go speaking at genealogy venues.  It affords us to be able to visit them.  One set lives in Maine, the other in California.

They are being raised by very good parents, and as far as we’re concerned, this is the best we could ever imagine for them.  Opportunities abound for these children, for they are in the best of circumstances.

They are in large families, which I also think is ideal.  I grew up alone, and I personally wouldn’t wish that on anyone, if it can be helped.  It took me awhile to learn how to work with people.   My mom used to tell me if you can get along with the members of your own family, you can get along with anyone in the world.

So true.

These grandchildren have taught me to laugh and giggle again after experiencing teenage years and young adult years with their parents.  And, just like with us, they are teaching their own parents things they also need to learn – patience and pure love.

When Jordan and family were moving to California a few years ago, baby Madelyn was only a few weeks old.  My job was to hold her while the truck was being loaded, which I gladly did.

One of the photos below is of my hands holding hers.  I sat there and thought for awhile as our hands touched.

My mom’s great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, and she knew him.  He stayed with mom and her family for awhile.

My mom’s hands would have touched his.

I touched my mom’s hands.

Madelyn touched mine.

Baby Madelyn’s hands have touched my hands, who touched my mom’s hands, who touched her great-grandfather’s, who was in the Civil War.

When any of my grandchildren touch my hands, they are touching history.

I am their link to history. 

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