Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas beauty of the day.

My precious FamilySearch ornament.

I bought this one year when it wasn't even Christmastime. I happened to be meandering in the gift shop at the Church History Museum next door to the Family History Library when this flew into my hand!

I have a tree I keep up all year long with some of my most favored ornaments. This is one of those that is out where I can see it daily, and be grateful for all that I have gleaned from its records.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas beauties of the day - Russian Nesting Dolls

Christmas beauties of the day.

Russian nesting dolls.

I can't remember how or why my collection began and continues to grow. The biggest set I have nests five figures, but believe it or not, I have seen them nested up to nine.

When we toured Russian after Erik Lauritzen's mission, we were told the proper custom was to bring gifts. We asked what types of things Russians are fond of, and we were told they love Lawry's Seasoned Salt and Koolaid. So, went to Big Lots and filled half a suitcase.

Their gifts to us? Russian nesting dolls, lace tablecloths, handmade wooden boxes that pull apart, crystal, crocheted items, painted eggs, and aprons.

And, here I am with my Lawry's Seasoned Salt and Koolaid.
They would open up the salt and practically swoon from the smell. And, the Koolaid? They mixed it up and drank it with no sugar! It was different from the way they made a fruit drink -- the remains of a jar of jelly mixed with water.

My collection

My fingers are added for comparison to this five stack.

My finger added for compatison

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas beauty of the day - A Wee Baby Jesus

Christmas beauty of the day.
Kerry's mom visited close to Christmas one year, and brought the supplies to make these wee ornaments with our kids.
Yes, it's half of a walnut shell, a tiny bit of flannel, and a tiny baby doll.

Christmas beauty of the day - Children's ornaments

Christmas beauty of the day.

When all four of my children were in Primary (ages 3-11), their photos were taken, and they were glued to a star for an ornament on the church tree. They were given the stars to bring home just before Christmas.

I was surprised to see that Erik still has his, and cherishes it. He is one that hangs on to pieces of his childhood that were special.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas beauties of the day - The Magi

Christmas beauty of the day.

The Magi.

Kerry's sister Gay was a phenomenal artist and sculptor. Her talents as a set director were recognized from the video recording studios of the LDS Church to Hollywood.

One year at Christmas, a box arrived from her that contained these figures representing the wise men. They are among our treasured items, particularly so since her death 17 years ago from ALS.

We don't really know how many wise men brought gifts to the young child.

But, when I pass by the sculptures each Christmas, it reminds me to think of what I can offer him.

I hope kindness will be attached to my name.
Christmas beauties of the day.

Painted eggs from Russia.

The first two photos are a front and back of the same egg. When Erik Lauritzen served his LDS mission there, a woman he met was very proficient at painting them. He asked her to do one to commemorate our December anniversary. The first view she painted from photos he had of us. The second is the Washington Temple, where we met and married.

When we were able to meet her and have dinner with her and her family, she presented me with another one that she had just finished a few days earlier -- the Nativity.

Remarkable detail!

The images above were taken from a photo Erik had of us, and the temple was one she had seen a photo of that belonged to someone else.

She had just finished this, and presented it to me.

Christmas beauty of the day - handmade nativity

Christmas beauty of the day...
While on his LDS mission to Samara, Russian, Erik Lauritzen sent us a beautiful hand-carved, hand-painted nativity.
I collect nativities from all over the world, and he knew I would love this one. As a matter of fact, it's my very favorite one.
I keep it out all year long so that I pass by it often. It's a reminder to me to never forget the greatest gift of all.