Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gratitude Day #15 - My Nieces and Nephews - 15 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for nieces and nephews.

And, I do have a bunch of them.

In my own family, sister Jean had two sons, and Betty had two sons and a daughter. They all have families now.

In Kerry's family, I have nearly lost count. I believe at the time of Kerry's parents' death, the county might have been up to 43 grandchildren. It is certainly more than that, and when you factor in their spouses and children, we may be going into infinity!

Everyone is scattered around the United States, so it's nearly impossible to stay in touch. But, through the power of Facebook, and annual Christmas letters, they have included me in their lives.

I have been able to see brand new additions to their families when the babies are just a few hours old, and rejoiced with them.

I have been able to see new homes they have purchased, and rejoiced with them.

I have been able to see their many travels and excursions, and rejoiced with them.

I have been able to see their photos moments after their graduations, and have rejoiced with them.

I have seen them get good jobs, publish books, run for office, get advanced degrees, recuperate from surgeries, run marathons, get married, buy and operate a successful business, serve our country, and turn their lives around...and have rejoiced with them.

I am grateful that I know each of their names, and have seen them grow up. I am grateful that they have chosen to stay in touch with Aunt Peggy, and that I matter in their lives.

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