Friday, November 17, 2017

Gratitude Day #17 - Travel - 17 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have had to travel.

Kerry and I both come from traveling families.

My parents and I were always on the go! Often it would be to Kentucky. But, when Dad was bishop of our local congregation, we made trips to Utah twice a year for General Conference. We always took different routes on the way to and from so we could see more. I rode in the back seat with a stack of books and a road map. Dad was always so proud of me for being able to read a map, for he said none of his sisters could.

Kerry's family was always on the go, too! When Kerry's older brother finished his mission in Finland, his parents took the oldest five children on a trip to Europe to pick up the brother and tour for a month. Kerry was able to see his ancestral homeland of Denmark, went through Scandinavia and ventured into Russia to see the Russian Ballet.

Both of our backgrounds meant our children were born into a family that was always on the go, too!

Kerry and I took them to much of the United States, while he and I have visited all fifty of them. And, landing in an airport doesn't count. We have to see some of the state.

We have gone foreign. We have climbed pyramids in Mexico, visited ruins in Guatemala, and stood at St. Basil's in Moscow within the shadow of Red Square.

What have I personally loved the most? The people. They're proud of their towns and their countryside. They brag on their favorite foodstuffs. They swell with pride talking about their kinfolks who settled the area.

And, while we love every place we've ever had the opportunity to visit, nothing beats the site of seeing our own home pop up in the windshield, where my face is usually plastered when driving down my road.
Red Square, Moscow

St. Basil's, Moscow

At a convent in Guatemala

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