Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gratitude Day #19 - Family Gatherings and Celebrations - 19 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for family celebrations and gatherings.

It was forty years ago today that friends threw a wedding shower for me. I thought for sure I had scanned the photos from that event, and will be nervous until I locate them.

But, friends from the Washington DC area put on a wonderful wedding shower for me. And, forty years later I am still using the things they gave to me!

I still have the recipe box filled with their favorite recipes. I have aprons, towels (yes, 40-year old towels!), and other cherished items from that day when friends gathered to get me started on married life.

I am grateful for the momentous occasions we have celebrated in my own family's life:
My parents' 50th wedding anniversary
Kerry's parents 50th wedding anniversary
My sisters' anniversaries
The blessings (christenings) of each of our children
The baptisms of each of our children
The college graduations and gatherings

I could go on and on...and so could you.

Each of these events I've mentioned bring back a flood of memories as we commemorated the birth or the choices or the achievements of a beloved family member or friend.

We definitely believe in celebrating milestone events. And, there's always food. There has to be food.

I'm grateful for the gatherings that tie us and bind us closer together. Just looking through the few photos I attached brought back warm feelings as I recalled the event.

But today, I'm thinking about a 22-year old girl who was being showered with gifts as she began a brand new phase of her life.
Peggy being baptized by her dad, Chester Clemens

Kerry's retirement day, Apr 2010

Peter was baptized in Utah

Harmony's blessing dress was made by her grandmother Shirley Lauritzen

Jordan was the first to receive a college degree

Erik's baptism day brought his grandparents from Utah.  They attended every birth and baptism.

Chester and Ida Clemens were married 50 years.

Orson and Shirley Lauritzen were married 50 years.

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