Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Such beautiful artwork...

Mr. Kerry comes from a family of artists.  I envy their talent.  As a matter of fact, I am covetous.

First in my mind is his beautiful sister, Gay Nickle Lauritzen, who is deceased.  She was so talented with her hands.  We were so saddened when she lost the use of her hands, and everything else on her body through the ravenous ALS, otherwise known as  Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It is somewhat difficult for me to look at these photos without a lump in my throat.  I terribly miss this talented woman.

His sister Charm possesses a beautiful talent, as well.  I ran across two sketches she did of the grandparents of his mother, Shirley Elma Rhoades.
Francis Clement Nickle
Nellie Rhodes Nickle

See what I mean?  I couldn't even begin to draw a picture of someone and have it resemble that individual.  

Every one of Mr. Kerry's siblings possess some degree of this talent, which I believe came through his mother.  Many of the grandchildren are blessed with it, too.

I guess I was standing in the wrong line when that particular talent was being given out...

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