Sunday, December 15, 2013

Halfway there!

We are halfway through the Giveaway!!!

A few years ago, I was intrigued at the number of people watching a demonstration at a genealogy conference.  I had to know what was going on.

Though I have no memory of the name of the person demonstrating, I was astounded at what he was doing.  The crowd was pressing forward, wanting to see more.  I'm short, so I pressed forward, too!

He was operating this little device, all while talking to the crowd.  He could do it without looking at what he was doing.  He scanned photo after photo, documents, medals, and newspaper clippings.

But, the most fascinating of the demonstrations involved an older framed picture that was probably three feet long and perhaps eight inches high.  Using the "stitching" technique, he scanned segments of the photo through the glass, uploaded it onto his laptop computer, and allowed the stitching to duplicate the framed photo.

I was astounded!

I did not purchase my Flip-Pal at that time, although I wish that I had.  I continue to see different people demonstrate it at different venues.  But, I just couldn't justify buying it for myself.

Three years ago I attended a Family History Expo in Sandy, Utah.  I skipped one of the classes to to spend time in the Expo Hall.  I found the Flip-Pal booth and was delightfully given one-on-one time with the seller.  I had to make sure this was something I could do.

Needless to say, I walked out of the Expo Hall with my very own Flip-Pal.  It was a long drive from Utah to Ohio, but within moments I was scanning anything I could find in the car.

Now, I scan away on any trip we're on.  I scan mindlessly while watching television.  Just like you, I have hundreds, if not thousands of photos from a lifetime of being part of a family.

My only regret is that I had not purchased it sooner.

Come on!  Enter!  You have until Tuesday night at midnight, EST.

 A scan from my mother's journal.  She drew a picture of her first wood stove for cooking.
 A larger image of the scan.
One of the photos of my mom, done while I was just sitting on the couch watching television.

Follow the prompts on the widget to the right, and it will guide you through the entry process.  

And, for lots of wonderful ideas on what a great product Flip-Pal is, check out the following:

Disclaimer:  Flip-Pal is sponsoring this contest, and the winner will be chosen by RaffleCopter.  I purchased my own unit several years ago, and am an Ambassador for the Grandparents Community:

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