Monday, December 16, 2013

It's almost over! Perhaps these photos will help you decide...

Tomorrow will be the final day to enter the Flip-Pal Giveaway.

Let me tell you a true story that happened in our family.  A horrible house fire swept through my father's home just a year and a half after my mother passed away.  As we later went through the ashes, we found that the only things that were saved were:

1.  Most all of the genealogy and family history records.

2.  A good many of the photo albums, but not all.

3.  His underwear.

The photos were in magnetic photo albums that were popular at the time.  We now know they are not the best way to house our precious pictures.  However, my sisters and I recently went through those albums and attempted to reconstruct what we found.

 This is a photo of my dad's brother, Charles Clemens, that was rescued from the fire in 1985.  You can see the damage from both fire and water.
 After scanning it with Flip-Pal, I was able to crop it and keep the best part visible.  I will later attempt to restore it to a better image.  This is the only photo I have of Uncle Charles.
 A scan of another one of my dad's brothers, Dewey Clemens and his wife, Edna Gilliam.  The photo was not as bad as others.
 The same photo that has been sharpened and cleaned up a bit.
My father's oldest brother, George Russell Clemens.  I have not done anything with this photo yet.  It was in bad condition even before the fire.  But, at least I have the image.
 A very tiny photo of my dad that was about the size of a quarter.  It was so little that it almost was lost.

 These last two are of my dad when he served at Pearl Harbor during WWII. I don't know that I'll make any effort to restore them, for they fine for me in this condition.  I'm just glad they were preserved.

Even though a fire destroyed only some of our precious memories 28 year years ago, others are not so lucky.  We have all seen the devastation from catastrophic events around the globe.  Our hearts have been touched as victims have searched for any memento they can find.

Please don't let the same thing happen to you.

Go ahead!  Enter!!

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