Thursday, January 25, 2018

RootsTech Keeps Getting Better and Better!

I am getting so excited I can hardly stand myself.

Just when I think
RootsTech couldn't get any better.
RootsTech gets better.

I have gone to this conference 
every year that it's been held.
And, I have never been disappointed.
Even Mr. Kerry has enjoyed coming to RootsTech!

One of the sessions I taught was even live-streamed!

I happened to be looking through the website this evening,
and all of the offerings are just phenomenal.

There seems to be something for everyone!
One of the features this year is someone
who I am not familiar with;
Her name is Natalia Lafourcade,
an internationally renown Mexican singer.

If it's music, I'm all excited!

And, I just received notice that because of the great emphasis on
African heritage last year,
they're having a special social to give a repeat of last year.
Regina Mason will be in attendance for that.

Salt Lake City is the place to be
at the end of February!

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