Monday, January 22, 2018

Forward Thinking - The Moonlight Schools

I have taught about the value of school records in many of my presentations. One of those that I mentioned were the "Moonlight Schools", which began in Rowan County, Kentucky.

It was the beginnings of adult education in America, and was held on the nights the moon was full enough for the students to walk through the woods and the fields to go to school. Mothers were especially grateful, for they could read the letters their children were writing home from WWI.

It was begun by Cora Stewart Wilson, who is pictured above.  She saw the need of adult men and women to read the newspaper, write checks, and read and write correspondence.  In turn, this led to more confidence.

The first Moonlight School

Moonlight School attendees, Everman's Creek, Carter Co., KY

It would soon spread to 34 states.

Here is a wonderful page from Morehead State University in Rowan County to learn more about it.

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