Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ohio Lineage Societies Made Simple

Perhaps some of you remember a Facebook post from a couple of weeks ago.  I attended a "lock in" at the headquarters of The Ohio Genealogical Society.

Margaret and I spent quite a bit of time together talking about lineage applications for OGS, and the simple template that she uses for her own personal submission.  Being the example that a president of an organization should be, she was working on yet another one for a family line.

A class was recently held for those who judge applications in various capacities on either a state or local society level.  She then mentioned that another class would be held to teach people how to submit a lineage application as part of their ongoing summer education series.  I told her I would be there.

So, on this very, very hot summer afternoon, I sat in a cool, comfortable classroom expanding my learning.  Margaret did an excellent job speaking to a near-capacity crowd the process of determining and submitting an application.  She mentioned what was allowed to be used, and what was not.

I could tell by the questions that there were many whose wheels were turning as they were thinking about joining one of the societies.

Let me tell you about some of them:  (

  •  This would include the descendants of an ancestor who was in Ohio prior to 1820.
  • This would include descendants of an ancestor from 1861 to 100 years back from the current year.  Example:  100 years ago is 1916.  So, it would include ancestors 1861-1916.
  • This would include descendants of an ancestor who lived in the Ohio from 1 Jan 1821 - 31 Dec 1860.
  • Open to direct descendants or collateral relatives of those who served in the Civil War.
And, a brand new one!

  • Direct descendats of anyone who lived in the Old Northwest Territory prior to 3 Mar 1803.
  • This is the date Ohio achieved statehood.
  • The ancestor could have lived in any part of the Old Northwest Territory:
    • Ohio
    • Indiana
    • Illinois
    • Michigan
    • Wisconsin
    • Minnesota (that little part east of the Mississippi)
Any of the information to join the lineage societies may be found here.

For those who are local, there are excellent submission booklets available (except for the brand new one).  If you visit the OGS library, you may want to pick one up just to see the amount of work you will be expected to submit.

They may also be downloaded at that same link.

The same information is found at the above link, but if you will wait a couple of weeks or so, all five lineage societies will be available using a PDF file on the website.  

Does it get any better than that???!!!

Margaret also mentioned a site that has an excellent pedigree chart that can be downloaded as a PDF.  I had Surface Pro with me, so I went right to the site, downloaded it, and filled it out as she spoke.  (I can sit there an fill out a complete pedigree chart with names and dates, but can't tell you what I had for breakfast.  I know...)

It is a nice chart.  Download it here.

Do yourself a favor and look over the applications, and consider being one of the dozens who are presented with certificates and pins at the annual Ohio Genealogical Society Conference.  

It's a wonderful way to polish and hone your skills, and to honor your ancestor.
A replica of the pin I have for Asbury MOORE
My Civil War ancestor from Ohio

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