Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Takeaway on Day #2 - Kentucky Trip With Sisters

(Reprint from Facebook Post)

My takeaway on day #2 - Kentucky trip with sisters.
Oh, you all would just love traveling with us!
We slept in this morning, because we are old. Well, older. After breakfast, we piled into the car to head to my aunt's when sister Betty noticed the engine light was on.
Think about this. We are driving a Cadillac SUV in Ford/Chevy country. Last time we had a Toyota. Try getting THAT fixed. I quickly pulled out my smartphone and located a dealership not far away. I drove right to it, they took it in, and in a couple of hours we were set to go.
Before we arrived, I made a phone call to make sure they would be able to take us.
Betty: Can you tell me if I have the right address?
Them: Yes, ma'am. It's close to donal.
Betty: Close to what?
Them: Donal, ma'am.
Betty: Donal?
Then: Yes ma'am. If you've gone past donal, you've gone too far.
Betty: How will I know what a donal is?
Them: Ma'am, it's donal. There are several buildings with his name on it.
Betty: (thinking the twang...donal...donal...donal...)
Betty: Is that one or two words.
Them: Ma'am, it's two words. Donal.
Me: (driving through town, I see Don Hall)
Betty: Is it Don Hall?
Them: That's what I said, Ma'am. Donal.
It doesn't end there. Walking into the waiting room.
Man: (looking at Fern) I know you.
Fern: I don't think you do.
Man: I know I do.
Fern: I know you don't.
Man: Don't you live in Greenup?
Fern: No, I've never lived in Greenup.
Man: Then you must have a twin.
Fern: I guess I must.
Man: I guess since we're not related, then I could marry you.
Me: Fern, get over here now!
Another man: I'll never see you all again.
Betty: You got that right.
A shuttle took us to the mall while we waited, and soon we were on the way to our aunt's house...giggling like teenagers.
Something to do while waiting on the car - shopping at Belks!

It was SO good to see her! She has aged considerably since my uncle died last August. Granddaughter Erika lives directly behind her and takes excellent care of her, in addition to her own family. Her young life has not been an easy one, but she has stepped up to the plate and is doing such a fine job. How I love her and her young children.
Betty Stevens teaching granddaughter Skylan some of the old gospel songs.

Erika Stevens, Skylan, and Xavier

We stopped at more cemeteries, both on the way there and back. Sister Betty and I recalled when both of us almost got in trouble.
Me: (while waiting for the cemetery caretaker to look through the index cards) We appreciate you doing this for us.
Him: It's no trouble 'tall, Ma'am.
Me: We have fun lookin' up our kinfolk.
Him: I've always heard that was a good thing to do.
Me: (still waiting) Now, are you a sexton?
Him: No ma'am...I'm a Miller.
Me: What?
Him: I'm a Miller.
Me: No, no...I mean are you a sexton at this cemetery?
Him: No ma'am. I'm Mr. Miller at this cemetery.
We have now rolled back into our hotel room, where I called Kerry to bring some normalcy back into my life. He laughed, and recalled similar times with me.
It's all good.

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