Thursday, June 16, 2016

It Takes Time

Genealogy research takes time.

Sometimes a little.  Sometimes a lot.  But, it does take time.  

I have the opportunity to present genealogy lectures across the country and on many webinar platforms.  I can't begin to express how much I love doing this.  It's something I never, ever thought I would be doing, for all I ever wanted to be was a wife and mom.

And, that took time.

Case studies are particularly informative.  I love listening to others' journeys into solving a family history problem, and present several of my lectures using that same format.  They seem to be well received, for they show the attendees the bread crumb trail that leads to solid information on an ancestor.

But, they take time.

I recently presented a webinar for Legacy Family Tree Webinars, and have received many comments about it via email and Facebook.  It represented my grandmother's family lines straight back into the late 1700's.  Some of that information led to a lengthy court case that extended down to her day.

But, it took time.

It's important for attendees to recognize that when looking at someone's case study, they may be looking at what took years and years of research, and not an afternoon of sitting down looking at hints from various big name websites.  Those who enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles will understand this perfectly!

So, don't become discouraged when research doesn't fall into place in a short amount of time.  Most case studies demonstrate research that has been done over a period of time, where the information gathered has been carefully perused and put into place.
I love giving webinars!  
This was taken last year while giving another webinar for Legacy Family Tree Webinars.
It's how I usually do research, too -- except I have moved all of my folders, papers, and books to make me look good.


  1. It took me 30 years to break down a Danish brick wall! I loved your presentation at Jamboree on lives of indentured servants, etc. Thank you.

    1. Linda, I thank you! That particular presentation certainly has been asked for a lot. I'm glad that it came across alright. Thank you for your thank you!