Sunday, January 3, 2016

The perfect bag...for me

Update on a previous post from 2016.

My shoulders hurt.
And, they hurt even more 
when I'm carrying all that I collect at a conference.

I need two hands.

I have yet to find the perfect bag.

By "bag", I don't mean the swag bag that is usually given out at conferences.  I have quite a collection of those, and use them for various purposes.

I'm talking a bag that is used as a purse.

I have taken tote bags, satchels, rolling bags (attendees trip over them quite often), cross-body bags, etc.
You name it - I've hauled it around.

If it's a larger bag, I tend to fill it up to the point that my shoulders are coming loose.
If it's too small, then I am always missing something.

While attending RootsTech 2015, I had a few moments to spare before meeting some genealogy friends.  I decided to wander over to Macy's at City Creek Center, which is a stone's throw from the Salt Palace.  I happened upon a sale, which included Kipling Bags.

I found the perfect bag!
This bag has everything I need.
And, it holds everything I need to bring to a conference.

The name of this bag is Alvar Crossbody Bag.  
Other colors and details may be viewed here.

It is extremely lightweight, and holds credentials, a wallet, my slim camera, phone, and my Android tablet.
All without breaking my neck and pulling out my shoulders.

This is not my everyday purse, nor did I buy it in a lot of colors.  
Black suits my every need.

It pays to plan ahead as to what you really need to take around with you, and just how much you can scale down.
I prefer to scale down.
I am old.


  1. You made a good choice. I'd have to have it in pink! And yet I got a new bag, larger, and in charcoal. Not pink. The right bag is critical. Love my bags like some women love shoes.

    1. I still may go onto the website and order one in another lighter, more summery color. They are much less than what I paid for the sale price at Macy's.

      It's the best of all of the bags I've taken with me to conferences. And, that's saying quite a lot. I need to put it on and forget about it.

  2. I wish I was able to pack light like you Peggy

    1. Well, you have a bit further to come, Jill. So, it's understandable.

      But, I have just had to scale down. After dragging so much stuff around at conferences, I would get back to the hotel with my neck and shoulders burning with pain. I had to do something different, while still keeping essentials with me.