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Lauritzen - My Chapter Three Homework Assignment

Lauritzen - My Chapter Three Homework Assignment

Thomas W. Jones, Mastering Genealogical Proof (Arlington, Virginia) : National Genealogical Society, (2013), 6. Book available from Publisher at:
MGP Study Group
Chapter Three Homework


a.  Two independent evidence items:
  1. The 1783 court appearance, where he appears as a minor.
  2. His first appearance as a taxpayer - 1786.
b.  Sources competent genealogists would examine:
  1. The 1810 census
  2. The legislative petition
c.  Some primary information:
  1. The court record
  2. The tax list
  3. The petition
d.  Some original records:
  1. It seems like all of the sources included are originals.
e.  Derivative sources or secondary information replaced by originals and primary information:
  1. The 1787 tax list (derivative), replaced by looking at the original tax list on a microfilm reel.
f.  Findable sources suggested by relevant sources and indexes:
  1. The indexes and databases eventually led to the original image, or to court records.


a.  Two independent evidence items in agreement.
  1. His 1886 marriage to Emma, giving his age as 32.
  2. The 1894 Michigan census, giving his age as 40.
b.  Sources competent genealogists would examine.
  1. The censuses for 1860-1920 give his age.  He is not enumerated in 1850, so this implies he was not born until after the census taker came by.
  2. Marriage records give his age.
  3. His birthday is included in his obituary.
  4. His death record includes his age.
c.  Some primary information.
  1. He gives his age at his marriages.
d.  Some original records.
  1. The census records are the exceptions; all other sources are originals.
e.  Authored works, derivative records, secondary information replace by originals and primary information.
  1. There doesn't appear to be any original records.  He does give the information for his two marriages.
f.  All findable sources.
  1. Indexes and databases lead to images of the census.

3.  Searching for Mary L. Jones' parents in Hamilton County, IL:
  1. Probate records for father Silas may include the name of his wife and children.
  2. There doesn't appear to be a marriage database for this county; there only seems to be a book listing the records would be a derivative source. The original could be ordered from the courthouse.
  3. Check for Silas' marriage to Sarah.  This could be a clue as to whether Sarah is Mary's mother.
  4. Look for a death certificate for Mary, and also for Silas and Sarah.  There is an online database, but the original can also be viewed.
  5. Perhaps her father served during the Civil War.  Look for a pension file on Fold3.

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