Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kerry Takes A Bath

Kerry Takes A Bath

This memory is not mine - it's Kerry's.  But every time he tells me about it, I can't help laughing.

When Kerry was somewhere between ten and twelve years old, he decided to take a bath while his mom was cooking in the kitchen close by.  He was #5 out of eleven children, so I'm sure her plate was pretty full most of the time.

Apparently the bathroom and the kitchen were fairly close in proximity, so she could hear when Kerry went in there to begin running the water.  She called back to him to ask him how full it was.

He answered, saying that it was halfway.  (In truth, it was halfway - but not halfway up - it was halfway to the back of the tub.)

She told him to immediately turn it off.  (She thought it was halfway up the side of the tub.)

He said, "But, mom..."

She replied, "Kerry, please just turn the water off!"

Being the ever obedient child, he did it without complaint.  This big ol' strapping boy took a bath in about two cups of water!!!  He got clean enough, and his mom just never knew...

I'll bet she does now.


  1. Funny little story! Jana was smart to include it in her Fab Finds list.
    And PS - I love the cheerfulness of your site.

  2. Peggy,

    I see Wendy beat me to the punch in letting you know that your funny story about your sweet hubby is on today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. How kind of you both! I appreciate both of your comments, and your inclusion, dear Jana!

  4. What a great little story! Kerry sounds like he was an enterprising (and obedient) child.