Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Finally Arrived in Ohio!

After some really unseasonable winter weather, we finally got a taste of what we are generally used to! Oh, it's been a bit cold!!! But, I do like snow. I like the change of seasons. I love the smells and foods and clothes all associated with winter.
Our beautiful home in Ohio.

Kerry and I stay nestled up at home most days. If we do venture out, it's to get several things done on the same day. But, just because we stay at home doesn't mean we aren't busy. Kerry is constantly working on things he enjoys doing - writing in his journal, hoping for more books to be published, inventorying our food storage, etc.
These are the two books he has had published, and they are still available. If you would like one, go to Notice his pen name.

Last week, we met sister Fern at a halfway point to gather up some stuff I need for some genealogy classes. We freely share back and forth. Of particular interest for me were some large maps of the British Isles and of Germany - the Palatine area. I will be teaching about immigrants from these areas, and these maps will be valuable. There are also charts on the families and clans of the British Isles. I think people will cluster around those!

Kerry's dad reminded his children to always keep their minds active and learning.  He was a great example of that very counsel, and Mr. Kerry has taken it to heart, too.  Kerry served a two year mission for our church, and mission president frequently reminded them, "When you're green, you're still growing.  When you're ripe, you're almost rotten."

I don't want to be almost rotten.  I want to be in a constant state of learning, and sharing that knowledge.  And, I've had some pretty good examples to learn from!

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