Sunday, April 15, 2018

One of My Most Humbling Moments Ever

I am sitting here on a quiet and rainy Sunday evening, contemplating the events of this past week attending the #2018OGS Conference.

I am humbled with the award of Fellow that was given to me at Saturday's luncheon. Humbled, yet overwhelmed at the thought of this recognition.

Let me tell you how this played out.

I had just finished teaching a class, and told Kerry to go on to the luncheon. I would get there as soon as I could, and was stopped several times on the way there.

The lunch was delicious! One of the most beautiful memories I had was of sitting at a table filled with people I didn't really know that well and hearing their lively conversations about their joys and challenges of their own genealogy.

It was awards time...and, my mind was on my next class that was to begin shortly. Chapters, chapter members, newsletters, etc. were all receiving their due recognition.

Then, it came time for the Fellow award. Again, I was looking at my watch, for I would need to leave to set up equipment in the next little bit.

Deborah Lichtner Deal began to read a beautiful description about someone that sounded so wonderful. I began to think about who it could be, for I really wanted to meet that person before the conference was over.

Then, things began to click. Some "Peggy-isms" were mentioned, then the number of presentations that I had given last year was brought up, and I'm sure a few more things were mentioned. But, at this point the tears were falling.

The entire room stood on its feet to clap and cheer for me as I made my way to the front. Never, ever in my life had I ever received anything like this. Never.

The rest is a blur. I made my way back, where Kerry embraced me with pride. I let him wear my corsage to church today, for I wouldn't be where I am without his firm, yet gentle support through the years.

Years and years ago, my parents were among the small group of genealogists who met in Dr. David Massa's home in downtown Mansfield to form what would eventually become the Ohio Genealogical Society. I'm sure they didn't know that 62 years later, their daughter would receive one of the awards stemming from those beginnings.

Now, that said, let me also point out that I am still the same Peggy that I was the moment before I received this. I am the same as you...I research like you do, I laugh with you, I cry with you, I pray for those who have asked to be remembered, and I worship with many of you. I am not above a single one of you.

May I never, ever forget that.

I humbly thank you all who have sent your love and greetings from around the world.

I thank my mom and dad.

I thank Mr. Kerry, who has known about this since January!

And, I thank the Lord for all of you who have enriched my life so greatly.


  1. Congratulations, Peggy. It is so well deserved! I'm glad that they were able to surprise you.

    You are in our TRIBE and we are in yours. All equal, and honored to know you, and proud of you. May it ever be so.

    Hugs -- Randy