Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Scanning at RootsTech

FamilySearch has such a wonderful book collection, because of the many people who have titles that they own and have copyright of.

Once again, RootsTech will have a large section of the Vendor Hall set aside for book scanning.

I know first-hand how valuable this service is, for a few years ago at our Family History Center, a man came in with a large volume of family history that he had done himself.  He was so grateful to the LDS Church, and for the records of FamilySearch, for usage of their microfilm and microfiche had enabled him to compile a beautiful genealogy of his family's history.

He wanted his sons to have a copy, and was prepared to copy the entire book so each of them could have one.

He also wanted FamilySearch to have a copy, but he was unsure if he had the funds to make another copy.  

I contacted the Acquisitions Department, and they said to have him fill out a "Permission to Duplicate Form" slip, and send it out to them.  We did just that, and I used labels and a box from the Center to send it on.

We received it back a short time later, along with a free roll of the microfilm it was put onto.  It would become part of the collection, and people around the world would be able to view it.

Consider what you have at home that could benefit others.  If you find there is something, fill out a "Permission to Duplicate Form", and bring it with you.

Your generosity could be the answer to someone else's dilemma.

The "Permission to Duplicate Form" can be found here.

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