Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gratitude Day #29 - My Physical Body - 29 Nov 2017

Today I am grateful for my physical body.
There are times when it aggravates me. But, it has served me well.
I have not always taken the best care of it. Being LDS my entire life, I have never once smoked, or had any alcoholic beverage, or taken illegal drugs.
But, I ate too much. At one point I weighed 328 lbs., and was a heart attack waiting to happen. I lost 187 lbs., and have kept it off for ten years.
I didn't want to die because of something I might have been able to prevent.
But, this body has:
Hugged friends and loved ones.
Held people while they wept.
Given birth to four humans and partially carried four four others.
Laughed till I cried.
Sweated while it worked.
Sweated while it worried.
Been aware of an issue, or danger concerning a child.
Swelled with love when thinking of being with my children and grandchildren.
I am blessed to have a body that walks and talks and hears and smells and tastes.
I marvel that after injury or surgery, it has the remarkable ability to heal itself.
It is a blessing, indeed!
Hiking up Backbone Mountain, Maryland

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