Monday, May 28, 2012

A Fond and Heartfelt Salute!

It is time to again honor the veterans who have served in our family. I am so grateful for their willingness to put their lives on the line to insure our freedoms we so enjoy today.
Chester Lee Clemens, my dad, who served at Pearl Harbor.

Kerry's dad, Orson William Lauritzen, served on the Naval Transporter Pacific Okinawa Campaign 1945.

Daughter Harmony Rebekah Lauritzen, who served in the Signal Corps.
Son Jordan Christopher Lauritzen, who served in the Army Band.
Son Erik Lauritzen, who served in the Dietary Department.
Kerry's brother, Bill Lauritzen, who was killed in a jeep accident in Germany in 1965.
Kerry's brother, Steve Lauritzen, who served in Viet Nam.
Kerry's brothers, Christopher and Kelly, who are still serving.
Kerry's sister, Charm Lauritzen, who served in the National Guard.
Kerry's Uncle Wilson and his wife, Idona.
Kerry's Uncle Vaughn and his wife, Lona Mae.
My mom's brother, Richard Stevens, who served in the Korean War.
Sister Fern's husband, James Bierce, who served in the Navy.
Sister Betty's husband, Perry Demming, who served in the Air Force.
Ancestor John Littleton, who died when the D A January exploded near Cairo, IL.
Mom's great-grandfather Robert H. Stevens, who was a POW in the Civil War.

Oh, I could go on and on and on....

And, there are many, many, many more...As a matter of fact, I have begun a spreadsheet where I list all of my military finds, the war they served in, their rank, etc. I am now up to 86 ancestors that have served in everything from the French and Indian War to the present.

I honor them. I thank them. I salute them.

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  1. Thanks to all this people who defend us. I salute them also.