Friday, December 14, 2018

Planning for RootsTech 2019

I am busy this week.

And, I'll just bet that you are, too!  In less than two weeks, Christmas will be here.  Then, we take a breath and the New Year with all of its festivities will be right here, too.

January will give us a chance to regroup, and think about how we're going to plan out our genealogy research and travels.  There are so many opportunities we have to become better genealogists, so that our hard work will have credibility.

RootsTech is always a treat for me.  

I've been to Utah more times than I can count in my lifetime.  I went when I was a young girl with my parents.

Mr. Kerry's family lives in Utah, and even before our marriage we were making trips so that I could get to know his large family.

Now, as empty-nesters, we continue to go so that I can do research at the Family History Library.  

RootsTech 2019 will be exciting again this year, with some extraordinary keynote speakers.  You can learn all about it here:

Some of you may be attending RootsTech for the first time, or may even be visiting Salt Lake City for the first time.  Perhaps you may be arriving a few days early, or staying a few days later.  There is much to do in the downtown area.  And, here is a wonderful guide to help you navigate your time:

It is a wonderful pdf booklet put together to help you take advantage of all of the wonderful things that are available for you to do if you have the chance to explore.

I hope to see you there!

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